Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trae Crowder

I'm happy to say that I found the genius that is Trae Crowder, the 'liberal redneck', over at Sparrow Tree Journal, a charming and thoughtful blog run by a woman called Jennifer.

Listening to Trae today has brought me out of the funk I've been in since hearing about the recent mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Fl. -dude is funny & no slouch.

Trae, a stand-up for the past 7 years, or so, seems dedicated to subverting the stereotype of 'redneck' & he's doing a brilliant job of it. In Tennessee, he is seemingly surrounded by lots of close-minded individuals--many of them his Facebook 'friends'--whom he skewers in his comedy to the delight of his fans.

Trae messes with the idea that Southerners are one homogenous group. He's not what you'd expect, and that's the hook. Contrary to what some Southerners might think, Trae is not a Northerner in disguise. He's from a small town in rural Tennessee. He's a red state, country boy with a mind that he's not afraid to use. Trae's mission is not just to show fellow Southerners & Northerners that there are those south of the Mason-Dixon line who are both atheist and liberal, but to also show those Southerners who are more aligned with Trae's beliefs that they are not alone.

To those who wish America were a religious state: 'Oh, honey, bless your heart...' 'I recommend you try Saudi Arabia...' Blunt thoughts on Trump: 'Fuck Donald Trump with a prickly pear.' 'He's full of shit & a hypocrite.'

You'll want to be at a safe distance when Trae gets his 'red back up'. ;)