Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Valuable real estate.

This is not an info table.
What's wrong with this picture?  Lemme give you a hint: shoppers' baskets.  Still not sure what's a-miss?  A 'problem solved' for one person is a 'problem gained' for others.  The new marketing guru at my job has resolved to spread the joys of our shop via flyers and sign stands.  What I've noticed over the many weeks since the implementation of 'paperpalooza' is that a) customers barely register the info-sheets until their shopping baskets knock them to the floor; b) effectively using the check-stands requires a concerted effort in paper shuffling all the day long.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tooling about on the bikes.

I rode 36 miles on my bike today.  -didn't go it alone, but went with the hubs who is in a 'Tour de France' phase of late.  Since riding in earnest, he's gotten fitter, eats better and sleeps more soundly.  -all good things.  I've not kept pace with his long-distance riding, and, instead confine my cycling trips to and from work & along the bay trails here in town.  Yesterday, the hubs rode a 75-plus mile loop around the peninsula, so, for him, our 36 mile jaunt was a walk in the park.  Speaking of parks, the picture below shows some of the greenery that our bike journey took us through this afternoon.  If one looks really hard, one can almost make out a wee fox on the prowl there between the tree branches.  The picture below the green space shows the entrance to the bike path from a car park at the top of a hill.

Fox looking for snacks along the bike route.

Entrance to the bike path atop Ralston Rd.

I had a good day with only some car-related issues.  Here in Ca., we're all meant to 'share the road', but that's easier said than done.  What freaked me out most was the ride back home.  Our most direct route down Ralston Rd. put us perilously close to cars.  Never mind that this street is meant to be 'bike friendly'.  There's no dedicated bike lane for most of it, and the motorists fly down the hill like they're drag racing at Sear's Point.  Couple cars vying for pole position with those who think they're Bradley Wiggins on two wheels and one has a recipe for disaster.  I walked my bike, like a goat, down the hill until a bike lane was visible, then rode the last one-mile stretch home.  As it was Sunday, today's car count was minimal, but that didn't stop me from deciding to walk rather than compete for street space with the likes of this (see: video).  

Friday, November 20, 2015


I left the wash out on the line to dry and forgot about it. The birds didn't, however, and this morning I found one of my sweaters had dried bird shit down its front.  Word to the wise: don't leave the wash out for three days running.